If you are an independent grocer in Detroit, it is a sound business decision to join and become part of our group. By joining the Detroit Independent Grocers, you are assuring your customers that your store is among the finest in Southeast Michigan.

Your stores will have access to use of our logo for all your marketing materials, a sign at your entrance and inclusion in all Detroit Independent Grocers collective advertising, communications and public relations.

To be considered for membership, each applicant must be an independent operator and adhere to our five pledge points.

Freshness Guarantee

Detroit Independent Grocers is group of allied supermarket operators who are committed to providing the highest quality shopping experience to Detroit residents.

For an application, fill in the fields below and a representative will contact you.

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    Superland Market: Open since 1976, Super Land packs a lot of product into a small space. The store’s pride is its meat department, presided over by a picture of late founder Tobia Najor, whose sons Rebe and Vincent carry on the family business. You’ll find lobster tail, crab legs, goat meat, hog maws, catfish nuggets and slabs of spareribs. Special prices are offered on meat and seafood bundles and special orders are accommodated. The shop includes a Western Union payment center.
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